Finding the Right Photographer

Custom photography is an investment in art created with your family as the subject. Your photographer has likewise invested talent, funds and time into developing a skill they can offer clients seeking top quality work. By its nature, the term “custom photography” is an invitation to be choosy; to customize your family photos along with the help of a professional. This begins with finding the right photographer. Foremost in your search should be attention to the photographer’s style, and whether it jives with your own. You can begin by looking through online galleries, where style is evident in camera angles, lighting techniques, and posing. Additionally, you might consider the following criteria as you narrow down your search.

LOCATION: Location is a vital component in your images, and the options are abundant. Are you drawn to the edgy look of urban settings, the classic look of natural settings, casual in-home documentation, or studio photography with a contemporary twist? If you have a preference, find a photographer who is comfortable shooting in the setting of your choice.

POST PROCESSING: This is what happens to the photos after your session. A photographer’s artistic preferences and skills will be most obvious in their post processing. You might note that one photographer predominantly uses vivid, dramatic colors while another displays a soft or vintage finish. Also, photographers deliberately crop images to draw focus to aspects of the subject. This can result in parts, such as tops of heads or even half of an individual, being cut from the photo intentionally. Some images are tilted for artistic reasons. Ask yourself how comfortable you are with a photographer’s use of these techniques.

PRODUCTS and PRICING: I often ask my clients what they want to come away with after their photo session. The answers include the need for fine art prints and canvases to decorate a home, announcements for newborns and birthdays, and digital images for personal websites and blogs. Requesting a list of products and prices is a great way to make plans for how you will use the images from your session.

As the popularity of custom photography increases, so does the accessibility of many talented professionals. By making a careful and informed choice, you ensure satisfaction with the photographer you choose.

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